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My name is DJ Clulow, I am an illustrator living and working on the surface of the sun in Orlando Florida. I have been drawing since I was two years old after i saw the first Batman film in theaters. Ever since that faithful encounter with the caped crusader I have been heavily driven to create art work from pop culture. Inspired by Film, Animation, theme Parks and Video games I try to add my own personal and colorful flair to the subjects i grew up loving. I use several different mediums to create my art, everything is hand drawn in pencil first then I ink,paint, or digitally render them to create the vision i had in my head. My preferred paint of choice is gouache , i love the blast of color i can get from it. Besides art I am an avid toy collector, fan of all things tiki, Monster movies, star wars, and pretty much anything that came out of the 80s. I grew up in a Disney family so I have a strong love for Disney Theme parks which is what led me to live in Orlando. I grew up in Las Vegas going to Disneyland frequently, so i am a west coast kid at heart. I love to inspire creativity , and help pass forward the spark of imagination to others. my good friend and fellow artist John Henselmeier and i host a web series geared to helping young artists. "Artist Alley" provides advice from established Artists to help the viewers interested in breaking into the field of independent art. Please check out the link below.
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